Landscape photography, a genera of photography based upon the idea of capturing a beautiful view. I would actually like to call myself a photographer who likes to capture beautiful scenes. It would be more accurate for the work I do. But landscape photographer does work quite well in when it comes to easier explanation. 

The image above shows my hometown, Bengtsfors. It is a small town in Sweden. More specifically Dalsland which is a small county in the northern part of Västra Götalands Län. Dalsland which is my base for my photography is called a Sweden in miniature. The only thing missing is mountains. 

I have over 30 natural reserves withing a 30 min drive from my hometown. That is something I really treasure. Nature can sometimes be hard to find and being spoiled with it around you can sometimes make you blind to the beauty that you have close-by. That is one reason why I keep going out and capturing what I have close-by.

The one often most overlooked part of photography by non-photography is light. Light is really going to make or break an image. The choice of getting up at 4 in the morning as to get 10 minutes of the right light is what setts the the dedicated apart from the rest. Only the best light is good enough for me.

Taking an image is easy. Taking it a step further demands a thought process where you have to be in control over what you actually want to create. Creativity is not something that simply comes to you. It is hard work. The result is the award of a rational thought so sound that it trumps any rejection. Only the trained eye can see the opportunity and act upon it correctly.

My passion for my work can hopefully be seen in my photos. If you like what you see so far, please click here for more. If you want to stay updated on my work check the links just below where you can follow me on YouTube, Instagram, 500px and Twitter. If you have any questions you want to ask me directly, please contact me on