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Scandinavian Landscape Photographer

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One could say that I love reality. I love it so much that I want to show how beautiful it is. One could say that I romanticize it. Which is why I have conceptualized my artistic vision as romanticize reality. In essence it means that I take what is there and I show it in an as beautiful way as possible. Key in my vision are three points, life, rationality and freedom.


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While my photography is about showing beauty in reality. My video work is all about sharing the story. From the mundane to the spectacular. Everything and everyone has a story. I try to tell it. Video is the ultimate form of storytelling for it combines visuals, sounds and the imagination in creating an experience that is not truth but a important story.


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I am inherently a logician with a desire to create. Starting when I was younger I really wanted to be a storyteller. Telling stories are now easier than ever, even though I first thought I wanted to be a writer I have since found the creative process of visuals, especially digital photography and video, to be a more apt way of bringing forth my vision and story.


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