My Artistic vision

Romanticize Reality

This is how I formulate my artistic vision. I take what is there (reality) and I show it in an as beautiful way as possible (romanticize), I romanticize reality in my pictures. I have developed this vision as a result of my philosophy studies. Basically the first metaphysical axiom is existence exists. Which is why I want to showcase reality and not the abstract. The second part is looking at the world and humanity in a positive manner. That is why I want to showcase reality in a romantic sense. Even if flaws exists in reality. In art I have a choice to showcase reality in the way it could be in its highest potential.

A strongly developed vision makes it easier to know what I am looking for in the field and what I am not looking for. I do not want to showcase misery, depression, ugly. But I do want to showcase the beautiful, the happy and the prosperous. This is my choice in the creation of my craft, outlined within words, as how I see the world.



The most important part in creating is the story. Storytelling is creating a reason for someone to view my content, the why in the beauty. In photography I do storytelling through "intrigue". It works in steps, I want the viewer to be captivated, the image needs to stand out among the crowd. I want the viewer to be intrigued, the image needs to be able to carry the viewer through the image. Finally I want the viewer to be wanting for more, my images needs to be concise enough so that every image that I produce have something in common.

In order to expand deeper into this aspect of my creativity I also produce video content. I find that video lends itself better to storytelling mainly because of the addition of sound. Visual and audio working together makes it easier to evoke a emotional response and especially lead the viewer into a certain state of mind that a single picture really cannot achieve alone.


Art & Documentary


A choice

Not everything created through photography is art. There is a clear difference between art and documentary. Art is created, it has a clear thought behind it. A concept that is formed and acted upon with the purpose to create something that inherently mirrors a certain metaphysical view. Documentary is on the opposition of this in that it is a more true reflection of reality. In creation of the different styles it is important to know the difference between them and accept the difference. 

I differentiate art and documentary through intent. My intent in my documentary work is to reflect a certain moment of time in a true sense. The subject is the main binder of the scene, I use light and composition in order to showcase the subject in the best way possible. In post processing I correct and enhance the scene as to correlate with that certain moment of time.

The intent of my art is to evoke a respond through beauty. To reflect a certain moment of time is not important, neither is the subject. I want the scene to reflect reality but in a way that makes you question whether the world is this beautiful. Light is truly the main binder of any scene. What I am looking for in my art is a sense of freedom and beauty, a celebration of life.

As stated above I make a clear difference between these styles and I would not like them to be intertwined. Basically you can look at it like this. My documentary pictures are representing a certain area true to how it is in reality. My art is not true to a certain area, it does not capture the characteristics and the unique nature of said area but instead it focuses on the higher life values that I want to convey through those pictures.


Instead of just capturing one of the two I combine them because I enjoy both. Documentary work is highly rewarding for both myself and future generations in that it can give a view into how something looked at a specific moment in time. The different projects I work on in this area I do for a variety of reasons ranging from conservation to guidance.

My art is definitely the most rewarding part of my craft. But it is very dependent on a certain light which cannot be taken for granted and sometimes it can take weeks between each moment. Especially when said light needs to appear in a specific location and from a specific direction. A location might only be usable for a few weeks or days each year. Effectively making this part of my photography very time ineffective.

Thus I keep myself engaged with nature and my photographic interest through documenting the surrounding areas instead. It is also a prime time to keep exploring for future art pieces.