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My artistic vision

One could say that I love reality. I love it so much that I want to show how beautiful it is. One could say that I romanticize it. Which is why I have conceptualized my artistic vision as romanticize reality. In essence it means that I take what is there and I show it in an as beautiful way as possible. Key in my vision are three points, life, rationality and freedom.

My Video work.


What I call home

Dalsland is a small province in Sweden, two hours north from Gothenberg. You can easily travel from one edge to the other within 1,5 hours and the verity of scenery and nature is almost all inclusive. From the coast of Vänern to the deep forests in the north. The heart of this province are the valleys and the many lakes laying therein.


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Who I am

I am inherently a logician with a desire to create. Starting when I was younger I really wanted to be a storyteller. Telling stories are now easier than ever, even though I first thought I wanted to be a writer I have since found the creative process of visuals, especially digital photography and video, to be a more apt way of bringing forth my vision and story.

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In this blog I write about anything that comes to mind within the direction of photography and my experiences while traveling.

Fine art prints

My best art work is exclusively on sale right here on my site. The process from creation in the field through to the final print follows one thread. Achieve the highest possible quality. What I sell is not only a piece of printed paper. My own consciousness and personality is as much a part of the deal as is the paper. A print from me is a reflection of my mind. I really do put my heart and soul into my work and want it to be appreciated as such.

Store will be live soon!

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If you have any questions you want to ask me directly, please contact me at contact@jorgenfelt.com.