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Scandinavian Landscape Photographer & Filmmaker





About Me


My name is Felix Jörgenfelt, I am a adventurous landscape photographer with base-camp in the beautiful province of Dalsland, Sweden. Since my childhood I have had a strong love for nature, I was raised by the Norwegian mountains and the Swedish valleys. For all that nature has given me I treasure nothing as much as the lesson of self reliance. The fact that I have to be sure in my conviction, I have to trust my senses and my knowledge. With a open but focused mind I have always been able to steer towards my goals. 

Everything that I produce follows a clear ideal, depict reality in romantic sense. I romanticize reality. I want to showcase what is there in a as beautiful way as possible. My work consists of both Art and Documentary (travel) styles. In both I strive for my ideal but there is a clear difference in how far I am willing to push certain aspects of the romanticizing part. Click here for more information.

It's not about the goal, destination, etc. I strongly disagree with this mentality. For me the goal is the most important part in life and work. Even though the journey can satisfy me emotionally it really is not enough for my mind. A goal is in essence what can be described as a rational reach of ideal desires. If I set out to capture a certain aspect of a certain area I will never be satisfied until I am certain of my success in this. Thus my actions are always goal-driven.

That being said I do love experiencing the unexplored. First time experiences are the best, they are the first form of romantic appeal for a location. How I experience something is inevitably going to shape my emotional view of that location. But as I said with a goal in mind it is possible to override the emotion with the objective facts of the location.





My Artistic vision

Romanticize Reality

This is how I formulate my artistic vision. I take what is there (reality) and I show it in an as beautiful way as possible (romanticize), I romanticize reality in my pictures. I have developed this vision as a result of my philosophy studies. Basically the first metaphysical axiom is existence exists. Which is why I want to showcase reality and not the abstract. The second part is looking at the world and humanity in a positive manner. That is why I want to showcase reality in a romantic sense. Even if flaws exists in reality. In art I have a choice to showcase reality in the way it could be in its highest potential.

A strongly developed vision makes it easier to know what I am looking for in the field and what I am not looking for. I do not want to showcase misery, depression, ugly. But I do want to showcase the beautiful, the happy and the prosperous. This is my choice in the creation of my craft, outlined within words, as how I see the world.



The most important part in creating is the story. Storytelling is creating a reason for someone to view my content, the why in the beauty. In photography I do storytelling through "intrigue". It works in steps, I want the viewer to be captivated, the image needs to stand out among the crowd. I want the viewer to be intrigued, the image needs to be able to carry the viewer through the image. Finally I want the viewer to be wanting for more, my images needs to be concise enough so that every image that I produce have something in common.

In order to expand deeper into this aspect of my creativity I also produce video content. I find that video lends itself better to storytelling mainly because of the addition of sound. Visual and audio working together makes it easier to evoke a emotional response and especially lead the viewer into a certain state of mind that a single picture really cannot achieve alone.


Art & Documentary


A choice

Not everything created through photography is art. There is a clear difference between art and documentary. Art is created, it has a clear thought behind it. A concept that is formed and acted upon with the purpose to create something that inherently mirrors a certain metaphysical view. Documentary is on the opposition of this in that it is a more true reflection of reality. In creation of the different styles it is important to know the difference between them and accept the difference. 

I differentiate art and documentary through intent. My intent in my documentary work is to reflect a certain moment of time in a true sense. The subject is the main binder of the scene, I use light and composition in order to showcase the subject in the best way possible. In post processing I correct and enhance the scene as to correlate with that certain moment of time.

The intent of my art is to evoke a respond through beauty. To reflect a certain moment of time is not important, neither is the subject. I want the scene to reflect reality but in a way that makes you question whether the world is this beautiful. Light is truly the main binder of any scene. What I am looking for in my art is a sense of freedom and beauty, a celebration of life.

As stated above I make a clear difference between these styles and I would not like them to be intertwined. Basically you can look at it like this. My documentary pictures are representing a certain area true to how it is in reality. My art is not true to a certain area, it does not capture the characteristics and the unique nature of said area but instead it focuses on the higher life values that I want to convey through those pictures.


Instead of just capturing one of the two I combine them because I enjoy both. Documentary work is highly rewarding for both myself and future generations in that it can give a view into how something looked at a specific moment in time. The different projects I work on in this area I do for a variety of reasons ranging from conservation to guidance.

My art is definitely the most rewarding part of my craft. But it is very dependent on a certain light which cannot be taken for granted and sometimes it can take weeks between each moment. Especially when said light needs to appear in a specific location and from a specific direction. A location might only be usable for a few weeks or days each year. Effectively making this part of my photography very time ineffective.

Thus I keep myself engaged with nature and my photographic interest through documenting the surrounding areas instead. It is also a prime time to keep exploring for future art pieces.





Capturing my journey

I record myself working in the field and post it to YouTube where I've started to get some traction. Building a community around myself and my photography is very rewarding and it continuously pushes me to keep going out to find new locations, pursue new compositions and always being active doing what I love. Sometimes one simply needs a little nudge out the door.


It all about the story

Photography is a powerful storytelling tool. Video is even more powerful however. With the advancement of computational power and internet speed, viewing video has really been able to come into its own.

This form of storytelling gives so many opportunities. I am able to give a much deeper story through this medium. 

My main form of video content currently comes from sharing my journeys and vision as a landscape photographer.