About Me


My name is Felix Jörgenfelt, I am a adventurous landscape photographer with base-camp in the beautiful province of Dalsland, Sweden. Since my childhood I have had a strong love for nature, I was raised by the Norwegian mountains and the Swedish valleys. For all that nature has given me I treasure nothing as much as the lesson of self reliance. The fact that I have to be sure in my conviction, I have to trust my senses and my knowledge. With a open but focused mind I have always been able to steer towards my goals. 

Everything that I produce follows a clear ideal, depict reality in romantic sense. I romanticize reality. I want to showcase what is there in a as beautiful way as possible. My work consists of both Art and Documentary (travel) styles. In both I strive for my ideal but there is a clear difference in how far I am willing to push certain aspects of the romanticizing part. Click here for more information.

It's not about the goal, destination, etc. I strongly disagree with this mentality. For me the goal is the most important part in life and work. Even though the journey can satisfy me emotionally it really is not enough for my mind. A goal is in essence what can be described as a rational reach of ideal desires. If I set out to capture a certain aspect of a certain area I will never be satisfied until I am certain of my success in this. Thus my actions are always goal-driven.

That being said I do love experiencing the unexplored. First time experiences are the best, they are the first form of romantic appeal for a location. How I experience something is inevitably going to shape my emotional view of that location. But as I said with a goal in mind it is possible to override the emotion with the objective facts of the location.