Autumn Journey | October 2018

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A 2-4 day journey in search of stunning fall color in Tiveden National Park. I will be going in the middle of October, I'll try to match it with peak color. The journey was completed on October 14th. Post-production has started.

Updated 16th of October 2018

Project Status: Post-Production


The current amount of funding for this project.
$250 of $250

Dates: 12-14th of October
Location: Tivedens National Park, Sweden
Goal: Landscape photography of fall color
Release date: December



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Journey to Jotunheimen | June 2018



MAY 2018

In May I plan to embark on a journey to the home of the giants, Jotunheimen. Located in the Norwegian inland it is home to the highest peaks of northern Europe. With its highest peak "Galdhøpiggen" reaching 2469 m.a.s.l. My plan is to set camp in Valdresflya and explore the beauty of this truly astonishing place by foot from there. This journey is finished, you can see the result here:

Project Status: FINISHED


The current amount of funding for this project.
$500 of $500

Dates: 1 to 3 of June
Location: Jotunheimen / Valdresflye
Goal: Landscape photography of mountains
Release date: 17th of August