What's next? June 2019 update

During the first half of 2019 I’ve mostly been focusing upon creating vlogs. For the second half of 2019 that is going to change drastically.


In the end of June (a week from writing this) I’m going up to Jotunheimen and will be recording Waiting for Light: Jotunheimen 2. Very exciting. It’s going to be a bigger and longer adventure than the 2 previous episodes I’ve created. It is going to include more hiking, wild camping, big mountains and all the unforeseen elements of the mountains. I can’t really share more because the nature of this kind of project is mostly dependent on what happens on the adventure itself.

Then I have a month or two with the project in post-processing and I hope to have it ready before the end of August. A release date will come when I’m closer to finishing the project.


I have a nature film that is currently in pre-production. Seeing as it is still early I can’t share to much. But it is going to be centered in Dalsland and be substantially bigger than any of the short nature films I’ve released so far. Aiming for 25-30 minutes run-time. More info will come later but the filming will take place in July and/or August.


In the beginning of September me and my wife will be going to Iceland (our first visit). I haven’t yet planned on what I’ll be doing with that opportunity but it is a trip with my wife first and foremost. Thus I’m thinking I’ll have to confine it to either filming or photography and I’ll probably choose what enables me to spend the most time with her. But it would be a wasted opportunity not to get something productive out of the trip as well.

Conclusion & Autumn.

I’m going to be focusing on bigger projects going forward. Focusing more on filmmaking and the photography is going to ride in the passenger seat. When autumn arrives I’ll still probably have loads of material that needs editing. My intention is still to be able to squeeze in at least one more Waiting for Light adventure, hopefully two. I’d rather go out filming back to back and pile up the content during this period than sit bogged down at home editing. Winter is a much better time to be sitting in post-processing, so having a surplus of material going into winter is one of my goals this year.

Yours truly,

Wild Camping and Night Photography

The climate has finally reached that which is commonly called spring. A period of warmth, joy and life! With that in mind I decided that it was time to start testing and getting used to some of my new equipment that I’ve attained during the cold, dark, winter. More specifically tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. Everything can be watched in this video:

Staying out during the night gave me a unique opportunity to be out in a location without streetlights at the correct time for night photography. Something that I don’t do often, not often at all. It was a fun experience even though it was challenging, especially considering the relatively harsh wind. Since I was concerned about the camera blowing over I didn’t want to leave it by itself. Meaning that I had to stand by the camera for a long time whilst I worked on re-finding my composition and working out how I wanted to capture the starry sky (see more in the video). But the final result was absolutely worth the struggle and leaves me pondering whether night photography is something I should pursue more.

Night Sky in Dalsland
Fall color is over

This years farewell ceremony of magnificent colors is over and now the worst period of the year comes. With darkness setting in and a grey brownishness spreading out over the landscape inspiration can be hard to find.

I want to make a confession. Even though I love fall color and I think it is incredibly beautiful. I don’t really like photographing it all that much. My problem really is that fall color tend not to make nor break anything within my style of creating images. In order to really focus upon fall color I would have to photograph a different type of photos it seems. In theory fall color should be able to work just fine within my work, but I have yet to find a scene that really makes use of fall color in a way that satisfies me.

Take these images as a example, these are what I would call fall color focused. They are zoomed into the landscape as to focus on the small patches of fall color that exists within a sea of evergreens. Look at them and then look at my portfolio. You can see the difference between them and perhaps understand my predicament.

I am not saying that my kind of scene does not exists. But rather that I haven’t been able to find it even though I have been looking for it and therefore my conclusion is that my type of scene is rare and hard to find. And now the season is over and another year as passed without me finding that scene I have been looking for year after year.

I didn’t find it on my adventure to Tiveden. But I did find something else I can assure you that. That is a story for another time however. All I can say now is that post-production is going well and I hope to have the film ready in the middle of December.

I have no new adventure planned during the winter months. With my current equipment I can’t overnight below 0 degrees Celsius. Thus winter is a no. But that leaves me with ample time to prepare for an adventure during spring or early summer. I will of course update you on that later. For the latest information look at the “Adventure” section of this site and follow me on twitter.

That’s all for this time.
Yours truly,

Felix JorgenfeltComment
Waiting For Light: Jotunheimen

This is a companion post for my film "Waiting For Light: Jotunheimen".

For information about supporting my journeys, please visit ADVENTURES.

The Journey

It all started with a longing for something more. I had been growing tired of doing the same type of content over and over again. So I was looking for a bigger adventure and there is nothing bigger or more grand than mountains, and there are no bigger mountains than those in Jotunheimen here in Scandinavia. Thus I began my planning, in January 2018.

I decide upon Valdresflye as my gateway into Jotunheimen. Firstly it is a National Scenic Route in Norway. Secondly it is a good starting point for hiking into Jotunheimen National Park. I don't like making my plans solid, but I see the plan more as a recommendation and backup if I don't find anythings special of interest as I am exploring the area.

Having a general plan I started my long drive from Dalsland, Sweden all the way up to Valdresflye, Norway. The drive through Valdres all the way up to Valdresflye is amazingly beautiful. A real treat. Arriving at my planned location later than I had planned meant that I had to look for another location for the first sunset. I settled for a roadside camp looking out over Valdresflye with the mountains of Jotunheimen behind. It was truly beautiful. There was a small issue however.

First Sunset

My first sunset of the journey. Not exctly as I planned. But it worked out allright. 

When I finally arrived at the location for my camp I quickly noticed that the haze would make photography a struggle. So I started wandering around looking for good elements to use as to capture the interest of the viewers. The sound of water instantly peaked my interest, I confess to having a weakness for water in my compositions. The melting of the snow created a big river flowing down towards the mountains I wanted to photograph and I knew I had found my location.

I had to wait for the sun to go below the mountains so as not to create issues with overly bright highlights in the water. As soon as the sun dipped below the horizon I made my way down to the water again with my camera. The composition I settled for was using the water as a leading line into the biggest of the mountains "Besshöe".

Mixing my shutter-speeds during the capturing of the photo meant that I could blend different shutter-speeds in Photoshop. Creating a flow that is smooth but still conveys movement and direction.


The Mountain

The day after I spent the whole morning exploring the rest of the National Scenic Road. I found lots of beautiful waterfalls which made me decide I wanted to photograph a waterfall. More specifically a waterfall that incorporated the story of the ice melting during spring creating a huge amount of flowing water.

After I had finished my exploration it was time for the main event. Hiking up the mountain and photograph the second sunset.

I arrived at the top of the mountain in good time, had to wait 7 hours before the sun started to set. I spent most of the time listening to an audio-book, looking out over the mountains thinking about life and other things. It truly is something else sitting alone atop a mountain for hours.

As the sun started to set I started to set up my composition. I knew exactly how I wanted to frame everything. Starting with the river in the bottom left part leading into the mountains at the top right part. The biggest struggle during the sunset was the anticipation of whether I would get good color in the sky or not. With the mountains blocking the horizon I just couldn't be sure. And when the mosquitoes started to come I got worried. Would every thing be for nothing. 

But as soon as I started to see the color coming in the sky all worries disappeared and I knew I could endure the mosquito terror until the sunset was over. Said and done. As soon as the color started to fade I packed my things and started to hike down from the mountains. Arriving back at the car sometime in the middle of the night.


Spring's Story

With little to no rest I started the next morning, 3am. Looking again for the perfect waterfall to tell the story of the ice-melt during spring.

What I found was better than I would have hoped. A mountain in the background, lots of snow, a good looking waterfall and a little bit of green in the scene. It truly shows the story of spring in one picture in my mind. I am really satisfied with how the water starts up by the snow, which leads up to the mountain, and then the water flows through the image and envelops the whole of the bottom frame. As always with water pictures the flow of the water is really important, here I decided to go smooth with a faint hint of movement. It makes the image feel calmer and gives more room for the other elements withing the composition.


On a bigger scale all three of the images I created during this journey goes very well together in creating the story of Spring Flow. It was not my intention going on this trip to create a trio related pictures, but the conditions made that happen anyway and I am very satisfied with what I came away with. It was a very successful trip for me. Three images for my portfolio in one trip and a long form video for YouTube. That is really good. 

Now it is time for me to start thinking about my next trip, the "Fall Color 2018" trip. All the details will be found at the JOURNEYS section of my website. If you enjoyed watching this trip and want more, then please consider supporting me through PATREON or PAYPAL. Every Dollar makes the trip just that much grander.

That's all for me this time.

Yours truly


Felix JorgenfeltComment
Regarding my Jotunheimen video

I've been working on it since I came back from the trip in the beginning of June. The movie is almost ready, the only things left are a few minor tweaks with the timeline, audio effects, voice overs and color grading. The story is completely outlined and the movie is watchable but I want to perfect it a little more before releasing it.

Due to the extreme heat it has become rather unbearable doing anything for longer periods of time. This means that it is really hard to do anything that requires silence. Like voice overs. But it looks like cooler weather is at the horizon so that I can close the windows, turn of the fan and get the voice overs done.

I expect that I will be able to release the movie in the beginning of August.

Hope you are all having a great summer!

Yours truly,

A new adventure!

I'm happy to say that I am embarking on a journey to the highest mountains in northern Europe. More specifically Jotunheimen national park, Norway. The journey starts tomorrow, June 1 to June 4. I will be filming the whole adventure and publish it on my YouTube channel. I aim for a release of my journey to Jotunheimen in the beginning of July. Make sure you follow me on YouTube so that you don't miss this amazing adventure.

I want to thank all of my viewers for your support in making this journey possible. 

Looking back at January 2018

One month has gone by already. Time flies. I want to look back and see what I have actually done this month. Was it any good or complete rubbish?
Every January starts the same basically. Lots of motivation and lots of ideas for the new year. All the things that I want to do. Then I start putting my plans into work and I quickly realize that each idea is taking a lot longer time than I had anticipated. 

My main goal for January

The main goal I set up for this year and the one that I've been working the most on this month is my storytelling through my videos. I think I have made great strides forward in this aspect. Cutting away the clutter and focusing upon moving the story forward. It has resulted in my videos getting shorter. But also the watch retention has increased dramatically on YouTube. I have to be honest though. The videos that I am creating now are not really what I want to be creating in the future. I want more grand adventures. Spending multiple days or even weeks out in the field. But the videos that I create now helps me refine my skill. It helps me to know what I need to film in order to create a cohesive story. It helps me refine my editing skill so that I will be able to create videos faster in the future. Thus creating less then ideal content now will help me in the future.

Looking forward, whats my goal for February

As I said I am looking to increase the length of my adventures and increase the grandeur of the locations. This is going to be my main focus moving into February. I can't share to much at this moment seeing as it is all in a very early planning state. But certain decisions have been made.

  • First decision is that I am going to buy a new car. The car is going to be a 4x4 with reasonable trunk space. I'm going to make it adventure ready with a bed in the back. The plan is that I don't have to stop at hotels during my travels as to save money and being out in nature as much as possible.
  • Second decision is the location. I'm going on an adventure through southern Norway. I plan to drive from Oslo over Jotunheimen to the western side of Norway. I'm going to explore the fjords and the high mountains surrounding them. With my main goal being Hardangerfjorden.

I hope to start this adventure in May. Before the main bulk of the truism comes but after the cold has gone away.


The first adventure of 2018

After I crashed my drone I decided to redeme myself by creating a image that I would really enjoy.


Revisiting what I had scouted

When I come to the location I am blasted by the wind. I do my best to work in those conditions.


3 Questions from January:

Q: Can I make a video where I do night photography?
A: Yes. I can try. The hard part of filming anything during night is that there isn't any light. So it is really hard to explain what I'm doing and showing it to you. But I have a few ideas on how it can be done so I'm going to try my best and we'll see how it turns out.

Q: How is the winter where I live? Lots of snow, lakes frozen over or is it warm?
A: During the time I've lived in Dalsland the winters have been quite tame to be honest. Proper winter with lots of snow and temperatures below -10 Celsius. That condition is limited to a few weeks. But it does happen. Most of the winter is kinda come and go. Snow one week and then it melts the next week. But I kinda like it actually. It means that nature is open and easy to walk in and I always get excited when the snow comes. The snow isn't laying around long enough for me to be bothered by it.

Q: Can I take pictures like yours with cheap gear?
A: Yes you can. The only essential thing for me would be to have a wide-angle lens and a 10-stop ND-filter. A camera that can do auto exposure brackets would be preferable. Oh! And a tripod of course. Other than that It's mostly about learning how to use the gear and gaining the vision for what you want to capture.

In 2018 I plan to put more effort into everything that I create. My videos will be better in every single way.  In photography I will continue to peruse the most beautiful scenes and compositions possible. I will be more active on this site as well as my social media outlets.

Looking back.

2017 started with much the same goal and I think that I achieved a lot during the first half of the year. But during the summer and autumn I got consumed in other work and doubt about what I was doing. Which resulted in less content being created. Even though you guys where left out in the dark during this period. It isn't like I haven't done anything. I did my best to think through what I want to do. I questioned everything I was doing. In the end I came to realize that what I wanted wasn't so far off from what I was doing. The thing that was wrong was probably my spirit. The fact that I wasn't giving it my all.

_DSC7169-1 View over Edslan.jpg

Looking forward.

Therefore I plan to give video and photo my all going forward. Put my back into it. So to say. 

In order to achieve help me achieve my goal I have gone back to the basics. Bought a few courses that will help me achieve better storytelling in my videos. Help my prioritize my time better. 

The new content this year will be of a higher quality. It will be more consistent. It will be grander. But it wont be instantaneous. The quality of my content will growth slowly and steadily. Constantly learning new things. Applying them and then see the rewards. Rinse and repeat.


I really want to increase the amount of travel I do. But as with everything it is going to come slowly. The main thing for me about traveling is exploration, the adventure of discovering something new. I want my travels to be that way. Not overly planned. I want to experience the raw input of a new place. Without a to big preconception of how the location is going to be. Therefore I still need more planning in terms of how that can be achieved. Before I embark on such a journey. Come spring with warmer weather it will be much easier. So don't expect any big trips before April.


If you want to see my new videos make sure to follow me on YouTube. In order to help making my content bigger and better I will start taking donations via Patreon. Money coming in through donations will be earmarked to the channel. It will primarily go towards creating multi-episode videos. A series so to say. 

Autumn Update.

As always lots of things are happening but at the same time it seems that I'm stomping ground.

Whats happening

Site updated

First thing I want to say is that the site have been updated yet again. It isn't complete but the main things are done. E.g. the design is done and most of the text is updated. But there are a few more thing to be updated and a few new sections to be added.

Autumn progress

Autumn is here (obviously) and I have filmed quite a few vlog episodes where I photograph the fall color. You can see the vlogs over at my YouTube channel. The fall color this year is progressing along nicely but we have had some harsh winds over the past week which have ripped a lot of the leafs off the trees. I believe that we currently are in the middle of the autumn season. Which will probably be at an end at the end of October. But the last of the color should last into the middle of November if we are lucky. 

New gear

I have acquired a few new pieces of gear. Most noticeably is the replacement for my broken 70-200mm f/2.8. I bought a Nikor 70-200mm f/4 as the replacement. I will talk more about this lens and why I decided upon it in a future post. But the basics of it is that it is lighter, it is sharp and it has a tripod collar.

I also have a new tripod. A new backpack. And lots of other new little bits and bobs. Maybe I should make a "what's in my bag video"?



Stomping ground

Future travels

I still feel bored with photographing the same old landscape. Even if the fall color most definitely helps with making it different I am still dreaming myself away to other places and I am planning for a future trip as I am writing this. I haven't decided upon where I should go yet but I will be posting more about my upcoming trip here when I have more to share.

Same old content

I've been producing content for YouTube for almost two years now. I haven't really updated the kind of content that I produce since I started. I still only produce landscape photography vlogs. I don't want you to get the wrong impression here. I'm not going to stop creating landscape photography vlogs. But the frequency is going to change. I want my vlogs to be more cohesive. I want each video to be a continuation of the story from the past video. To some extent at least. I am therefore planning to make the vlogs part of my travels and each destination or every time I travel is going to be considered a season/series. Just as I did with my Norway road trip videos. Except that there will be more than two videos (I hope). Doing this will free up time for me to create something else. Something new.

The new content

Well. I haven't really decided upon everything yet. I really have to try a few things and see what I like and what works. But one of the things I want to do is to have more of a "talk show". With that I mean a show that I can produce at the office. For days and periods where I don't have anything to share from the field. This show would be a great way to engage more with you the viewer, especially if I make it a live show. Which I would like to do. But that is a project for the future as I don't really have the right space nor equipment for it right now.

Felix JorgenfeltComment
Why I'm inactive during summer

Over the past couple of months I have been very inactive at my social outlets. It is kind of becoming a trend, being away for some time each summer. But it is not because I want to enjoy summer without working as is the norm here in Sweden.

At Blefjell

Actually I am not really enjoying summer. For the very same reason most love summer I dislike it. It is to hot. The days are to long. And nature is to green. 

My body and mind really slows down when it gets warmer. Everything kind of becomes a chore, the will to be doing anything disappears. That effect really comes into play when the sun is out and it is above 20°c. Which isn't every day but it happens often enough for it to be a problem for me during summer. 

Misty morning

The issue with the days being to long is that when it is time for sunset or sunrise I am guaranteed to be tired. If I don't have a alarm clock set I usually wake up at between 7-8 in the morning and I if I don't push it I get sleepy at 22-23 in the evening. So sunrise is really going to be a pain seeing as the sunrise is happening at 03-04 in the morning. And sunset is happening just as I want to jump into bed. The obvious solution would be to sleep during the day. But that is easier said than done. I have never been able to sleep during the day and I do not think that I is going to be easier as I get older. 

Perfect reflection (almost)

My complaint about summer being to green is really just about the color tonality that occurs naturally. When most everything is one color I think that a scene easily can turn flat. As with light, color needs differences in order to create interest. 

All this being said I hope that all of you have had a great summer. I am going to return with more content in the beginning of August. First in line is a trip that I took to Norway in the beginning of the summer. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get noticed when the video is released.

New content, right here

I have updated a lot of the information that I have on this site for 2017. New information can be found under the following tabs:

  • Home
    • I tried to put more emphasis on information that might be key for new visitors.
  • Gallery
    • I have split my gallery into two different categories: Art and Documentary.
  • About
    • There is a lot of new information about me, my artistic vision and my area of operation.

During the spring I am also going to launch a print store where I plan to sell my Art-work.
As times go on I really want to be more active here and plan to keep you updates as new ideas start to form.

The future can only get better.


Hjorthagen Mariefred

My guide Hjorthagen

In this post I will quickly go through this park and give my thoughts on how to best photograph it.

The park

A park owned by the Swedish king and inhabited by deer. It isn't really to big, but it offers quite a lot of animals in a small area which means that you have a bigger chance of seeing the animals. The animals are not the only thing to see in the park however. The park is full of big old oak trees including some that are dead. All this gives combines into some amazing photography opportunities.

The park is open to the public and is a popular place for walks and jogs. Almost all visitors stick to the paths so going of trail will give the illusion of being in a much deeper in nature than you actually are. Since there are a lot of deer in the park the areas around the trees are mostly kept open so it is easy to walk off track. The only thing that is annoying is the amount of deer poo that will get stuck under your shoos. A small price to pay for the beauty you can see there however.

So the deer's, most definitely plural. It's actually harder to see one deer alone in the park than it is to see the whole herd. They are usually standing around the small entrance to the park. On an open field which makes the photos look a bit more cultivated than what I would actually have preferred. Therefor I would be patient and wait for them to go into the forest and try to photograph them in the forest environment instead, as to give the illusion of them being in the wild.

The gear

Keep in mind that the focal length is for a full frame sensor on a crop sensor you'll have to multiply the crop factor for a similar focal length, especially on the wider end.

I would recommend a longer lens 200-500mm would be preferable for photographing the deer if you want close ups or a more normal lens between 50-100mm if you want to capture a more environmental picture of the deer.

When capturing the nature scenes I would recommend wider lenses 14-50mm would be my recommendation. Since you can get so close to the everything with ease and the trees are so big I would say that it would actually be harder to use a telephoto lens even when you want to capture detail. But if you really prefer detail shots over environmental shots then I think that a 70-200mm would be great.

I had three lenses with me during my visit, a 16-35mm f/4 VR Nikkor, 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor, 70-200mm f/2.8 OS Sigma. 200mm wasn't really enough for capturing the deer inside the forest, where they appear to be more shy. I would have loved to have had a 200-500mm f/5.6 VR Nikkor with me instead of the 70-200mm. When I was walking around and photographing the nature then I was very satisfied with the 16-35mm. The flexibility of wider angles really works well in this park since the trees are so big.


If you ever have the opportunity I would definitely recommend that you take a walk in the park, you can go through the whole park in under 30 minutes so it really isn't that big of an undertaking. It's an experience that I'm confident that you will not regret. The park offers a old kind of nature that is almost non existent in the wild anymore. The only places that I have seen that have the same kind of nature are other natural reserves where that kind of nature is enforced. Hjorthagen is a prime example of this unique old type of forest and receives a huge recommendation form me.

What's up


Wow, I haven't posted anything here for quite a while.. I've been meaning to but I guess I just didn't really know what I would post. I mean the things I've posted earlier have been completely moved over to the YouTube channel and the channel is growing steadily. The channel have reached its first 100 subscribers last month and gained 40+ more this month, which is great!

But all my focus has really been on YouTube lately which has led to neglect on my blog, blogging is certainly also fun and I just need to figure out what I want to write. It really isn't always that easy. But I think there are a few things that are better said on "paper" rather than in a video. If nothing else I really want to write more, it is quite relaxing and gives me more time to think things through.

For now I want to leave you with a little update on what I've been doing for the last couple of months.

After I posted the last post I kinda went on vacation. I felt burned out and I needed some rest, so I took the summer of and basically did nothing. I'm not proud of it. But what is done is done. In August I got back into business and started making pictures again. You can see a small selection below.

Now we kinda transition over into autumn and the lovely fall colors. During fall I tried to photograph as much as possible but I would have liked to capture even more of it. What I really think I missed out on this year were the grander scenes. I managed to get a lot of detail shots but not that many grander views. Again see the images below.

So that leaves us right about now. I have to say that I am both pleased with the pictures I've taken since my vacation but I am also a little disappointed. I think that I've gotten caught in constant production and kinda lost track of the why, why I love creating images. It's been more taking than making during this time.

I was starting to feel that same kind of overload that I did before summer, the constant nagging question of why. So what I did was to sit down and write down the reason why, stake it out for myself as to remind myself why I actually want to do this. I am not going to write my reasons here, right now. I want to do it properly later. I'm planning to make a whole section about my philosophy of photography here a bit later on. But in order to tease you a little bit I can say that I thrive in reality and reason and fall in emotional what if's. 

For now I just want to say that I'm keeping my shit together and that I have grand plans for the future, I'm just not sure when the future might be here.

Pictures from Episode 24

I am testing a new format here on the blog, instead of just writing down what happened in the episode I thought I would talk a bit more about the pictures.

1. The panorama turned out to be quite uninteresting

Lets start with picture number 1 the panorama.  What I thought to do was to bring the horizon and the clouds closer. Since they were both quite far away I decided to use a telephoto lens when capturing this picture. More specific the Tamron 70-300 mm VC at 240 mm. It worked out quite well and I think the composition is actually rather good. However seeing as I do not have any filter for this lens (yet) I could not make the water smoother. I think this is the main reason for this picture not being better. I really do not like to increase the contrast when there are harsh edges in the water. So I had to make it flatter than I initially wanted. Making the image a lot more uninteresting than I had first hoped it would be.

Picture number 2 & 3 are both using the same concept. The las sunlight was coming out just above the tree-line. Picture 2 is getting side light and picture 3 is back lit. In essence I was trying to capture the tree-line contrasting with the sunlight. 

2. Sunlight upon the treetops

3. The evergreen tree-line

3. The evergreen tree-line

4. Hero image of the evening

Picture number 4 is the hero image of this session. Here I ditched the 70-300 mm in favor for my favorite, Nikon's 16-35 mm VR at 35 mm. I think that it worked in my favor as I got a bit more of the foreground in the picture. Giving the whole picture more depth and a better anchor point with relation to the background. I must confess that I really do prefer the perspective of a wide angle lens compared to the compression of a telephoto lens.

5. Making it vertical didn't help, just as I thought

Picture number 5 was a try to go even wider, but as I said in the video the clouds are just getting to small at 16 mm. Even though the foreground is actually looking better at 16 mm. Which is in agreement with what I have found. Wide angles rule when the foreground is awesome. If there is no foreground or the background is more interesting, use a telephoto lens.

Landscape Photography Episode 23

In this episode of landscape photography I go out into the rain clouds searching for that special moody light.

Going out when it rains is a bit of a gamble. You never really know how the clouds are going to look. They might be changing faster than you can change position. But if you can manage to get that special rain cloud light it is totally worth it.

I went out with quite high hopes even if the expectations were not as high. When I started driving I quite quickly noticed that the clouds were moving faster than me. So I knew that I had to move fast as well if I wanted to capture any good pictures. But I arrived at my first location a bit to late. The clouds had already past the vantage point were I thought they would look good. But I managed to salvage a picture from that place anyway.

I jumped back into the car and drove on to a place I thought would look good with this kind of light. The clouds were not really looking as good there as they were on location number one. But I had to try something so I put on a ND-filter and made a black and white conversion and it looked ok. But it was not what I was looking for. So I jumped back into the car and drove on.

On my way to location number three I saw a nice picture of the road going into the forest. I had to stop and capture it. 

Arriving at location number three it was raining, heavily. But there was some color in the sky so I had to capture a picture. I had to hurry a bit as I did not have any rain protection for my camera. So I went out, aligned everything, captured the picture and ran back to the car. The picture had a nice color contrast in the sky that I really liked.

After the third location the sun had already set so it started to get really dark. But I thought that with the water now laying on the road the city would look very good with all the artificial light there. So I drove there and was presently surprised that the clouds had came back to life again. I managed to get a few shots during blue hour before the sky turned to deep blue. The contrasty blue clouds really looks nice when combined with artificial light.

Landscape Photography Episode 22

In this episode I to there and then back again:

It is almost impossible to know how the sky is going to look at sunset. I set out with quite high hopes but when I kinda got to where I thought that I would stay to photograph the sunset the clouds kept moving away from me. The light was really nice though. So I took a few pictures at the field where I first planned to shoot. 

But I knew that it would not work for sunset so I packed up again and had to make a decision on were to go. East or west. The east was were I came from, it had some good cloud formations dwelling on the horizon. The west also had some nice clouds but I could not really see beyond the trees so I thought that there might actually be to much clouds there. 

When I arrived

I made the decision to go east, backtracking to a place called Ösan. When I got to Ösan I had to hurry a bit to the location because the sun was setting quite soon. Arriving at the location the clouds were really pretty. I managed to set up the camera take a few test shots. Knowing that I had to use a long exposure I screwed that on quickly and managed to take two long exposures as well before the color had vanished from the clouds.

My last picture of the evening

When the color was gone I hoped for a second wave to come after the sun had set. But unfortunately it did not come. It just became bluer and bluer. Not what I was hoping. Even though the second wave never came I was still satisfied knowing I had gotten at least one and maybe two good pictures this evening. One good picture is good, more than that is really good.

Final picture

Landscape Photography Episode 21

In this episode I go to photograph a canon with my Nikon. The light is good and it surprises me at the end.

Summer meadow.

Now that summer is here there are a few bad things that is coming with it. For me that is:

  1. Insects, I really hate insects!
  2. The heat, I do not function to well when it gets to hot.

I filmed this episode in the evening of the hottest day so far this year. 30 degrees Celsius in the shade and it was almost swarming with insects. Luckely the insect stick that I had fixed most of the insect issue.

The boat house.

Moving on! When I arrived at the place I was going to shot it was bathed in golden light and it would last for at least 15 more minutes. So I quickly took out my Nikon D600 and grabbed a quick shot of a boat house with some trees. The light was superb. I really liked what I got from that shot. 

A canon shot with a Nikon.

As soon as I got a satisfactory picture from the boat house I changed my focus to the task at hand. How to capture the sunset. I decided to go to this place knowing that it was a old canon there. I started looking for a way to incorporate it into the shot. The issue was that the canon was pointing in the wrong direction. The sun was setting in the west and the canon was pointing north. I made my choice of composition, breaking many "rules" of composition in doing so. But I think it worked out quite well.

I had hoped that later in the evening more color would appear in the sky. But I was initially disappointed when the sun simply disappear. I thought that I might as well go home because nothing more was going to happen. However I have been wrong before, so I waited for a bit longer.

The clouds after sunset.

Just as I was about to pack up and head home I saw it. The color came creeping in over the clouds. Little by little and soon I realized that I had to completely change my composition in order to give the clouds justice. Said and done. After I captured that picture the color soon started to vanish and I could pack up and go home extremely satisfied.

Landscape Photography Episode 20

In this episode I fight against the clouds which makes me fight against the foreground, meaning lots of work.

I left home with an idea. I would explore the fact that it had not rained for quite some time. No rain means lower water levels and I know this one place that is only possible to get to when the water is low. So I drove to said location. What was the first thing I noticed when I arrived? The water was not as low as I had hoped of course!

Because of that I had to hurry back to the car and try to find something else really fast. Luckily I saw a place after just 100 meters. I went out there and saw immediately that the location had possibilities. 

Breaking the leading lines.

When I took out the camera and started looking for a good foreground I noticed that the lines in the rock foundation was leading the wrong way. The action was a bit further west than were the lines were pointing. So I put my mind to it and started looking for a way to break the lines so that they would lead more in the direction that I wanted. I actually managed to figure out a good way to break the lines and frame a good composition.

Before the light hit the clouds in the right way the clouds had moved to far to the west however. So I had to change the composition again. The second composition was actually a bit simpler, more traditional for what I usually capture. But the same thing actually happened there. The clouds were moving to fast. I managed to get one good picture though, as you can see below.

The second composition and my favorite of the evening.

Landscape Photography Episode 19

In this weeks episode I make a decision to go out and photograph quite late, not much planning. But I manage to find something interesting but the color vanishes just as I am to take the picture.

How the sky looked when I arrived.

It is not always easy to decide upon when to go and take photos. Sometimes the weather forecast says it is going to be flat grey skies but when it gets closer to sunset you notice that the clouds in fact are looking amazing. This day was such a day. I had not actually planed to go out. But seeing how the sky looked I just had to out. 

My first decision was whether to go south or north. In the south it looked more open, less cloudy. In the north there were more clouds. I decided to go north, as the clouds was what I wanted.

So I started to drive north, not really knowing were I would end up. I drove past a few lakes but they all lacked anything good in the foreground (the all important anchor-point). Then I saw this little island in this one lake and thought it looked interesting. My decision where made. I parked the car and quickly walked to a favorable position to photograph this island with the amazing clouds.

Longer shutter-speed.

I managed to take exactly 5 pictures before the color vanished from the clouds, never to return again. My thought before the color vanished was that this scene would look cool with a longer shutter-speed so I screwed on a 10-stop ND-filter, pushing the shutter-speed to 15 seconds. 

The longer shutter-speed gave the picture smoother water and it showed the movement of the clouds. They where moving really fast.

Now that the color was gone I had to work with the cloud positions. I decided were I wanted the brighter parts and I wanted lots of contrast in the clouds. With these criteria I managed to capture the image below. It is my favorite from this session. I would not classify it as a portfolio picture though.

Final picture.

Landscape Photography Episode 18

In this episode I find an amazing foreground immediately and with the light fading quickly I work fast and manage to capture an amazing image.

I am not exactly sure why. But often I tell my self to get out in good time. But even though I was at the location one hour before sunset I was still rushed in order to capture the right light in time. The biggest point to take away is that light is unpredictable. You cannot trust it to behave the way you want it to behave.

Anyway! I got to the location in time and I managed to capture the light while it peaked. 

The foreground

When I arrived at the location I could immediately see the perfect foreground. After trying a few different compositions I decided that it was best to capture it from a higher angle. The higher angle ensured that I could get the most out of the foregrounds lines that where leading into the sunset. 

The water was not moving to much but I decided to put on a 4-stop ND-filter so that I could remove more movement from the water. It worked splendidly in the foreground creating a really good reflection from the sky, which looked amazing at this point. 

So I just had to wait for a few more minutes before the light came to its peak. 

This session actually lasted a lot shorter than what I am used to. As a reference I usually take about 100 pictures in one sunset (depending on the style) but this time I only took 60 pictures.

In post I did not have to do much to the sky, it was already looking amazing. But I had to do quite some work with the foreground in order to bring back some contrast into it. The foreground can often turn flat while doing exposure blending. By dodging and burning the foreground I could chisel out some more contrast and depth in the foreground. Something that I think adds quite a lot to the image.

The final image