#10 Inspiration

The year is coming to a close, next weeks blog is going to be a review of my photographic year 2015. But for now, lets talk about inspiration!

The past week have been horrible. A constant cloud cover have been looming over this place for more than 10 days, barley letting any light through. Combine that with the warmth the clouds brings and the result is damp, wet everywhere. So no light, no color (as explained in blog #7) and a weather that is on a constant verge of rain. It is not what you might call inspiring times.

How can inspiration be found in the darker times. I will tell you what I do, how I try to stay motivated and find inspiration to go rush outside when the light finally comes back again.

First I check the weather. Maybe the cloud coverage is finally breaking up and the sun can come through. Usually the forecast will hold some light at the horizon. But it might still be a few days off, or it have been so long since last time that you simply do not have any motivation to go outside and shoot.

Finding motivation inside is to me a matter of beholding the beautiful. I usually do that through 500px, there are so many stunning pictures posted on 500px that you are to find a plethora of images to inspire your specific preference. What I do every time that I scout 500px is that I save the inspiring pictures to as favorites. After the latest update on 500px I made a gallery called "Inspiring Landscapes" where I save what is inspiring me in that specific field. I do not just watch the pictures though, I also study them. Looking at the composition, the light, what is used as foreground, how are different elements used to enhance the picture. By studying what I find inspiring I get even more inspired to use what I have learned the next time I get the chance. 

Another inspirational tool for me is Youtube. Specifically vlogs of people shooting landscapes. I would like to recommend 3 channels that I think are phenomenal:


They are all great, maybe a bit different but still quite motivational in their presentation. What is so great about watching others is that they are out in the field, they tackle problems and talk about their experience while being in beautiful places. You can watch all this while the weather at your place is dismal. Therefore it is extremely giving to watch vlogs as these at times of low inspiration.

Last but not least I would recommend reading photography blogs, they are inspirational in the same way as the vlogs are except they do not have video showing the environment. There are many blogs out there but I do not have any single that standout more to me. But I would like to recommend mine and tease you in saying that I have big plans for expanding and improving this blog in 2016.

These are my main motivational tips for dismal weather periods as a landscape photographer and want to leave you with a thought. Even in dismal times light is only a cloud away. With this I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and remember next weeks blog where I will review the year 2015.

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