#11 Looking forward, the year 2016

2015 was a interesting year for me. Lots of things happened. I moved twice, finished my university studies and had to make a decision about what the future would hold for me. One of the things to come out of all that is this site. I started this blog on my portfolio site and I think it is improving and getting better for every post I post. But I only write one post every week, which is not that much content. So my plan for this year is to ramp up the content production and release more of the content to the public. I have done a few trials before with some content but have not been satisfied with how it turned out. Let me explain my plans.

  • Youtube

First I am starting a new form of follow me out shooting series, a vlog series. This series is not going to be scheduled but rather released when I have some material to share. I have already released the first episode that you can see here: Vlog #1

Second I am planing to start a critique series where I critique the top popular pictures on 500px.

Thirdly I have a plan to record a few guides on finding locations to shoot that are close to home. I will share my technique on finding, scouting and determining if a location is good enough.

  • The blog

Regarding this blog, seeing as a lot of what I have been writing about on this blog is going to be covered in my new Vlog series, I have decided to reform my concept a bit for this blog series. I now want to focus more on inspiration. Each post at this blog is going to cover an inspirational topic. Maybe I have found something inspirational that I want to share. Or maybe I will write something as to try to inspire you. At least that is the plan going forward.

  • Business

I have two projects regarding turning my photography interest more to a business. One being portraits the other being fine art prints. Both are in a early state of development and I will share more on these when I have more info to share.

  • Storytelling

And finally I am actually planing to expand the blog or the Youtube channel with a more personal experience. I was thinking more about telling my story, the progress of my projects and all that. The format is going to be unnumbered where I just write or record what I have to tell when I have something to tell. Not according to any scheduled.

  • A few shots since last post