#1 Sunset on Gopshusberget

Giving something to get something


Those are the pictures that actually give the most. Sure there are instances when the beautiful is just around the corner and no special effort is required. But the reward for those shots are not the same as when you put effort towards a special task, and when you put your mind to it and actually create something beautiful.

Trail and error

Getting to a location, seeing the beautiful and then, do not just take one picture and be done. You have to try different angles, different isolations and think about how the light is reflecting on the different surfaces. Do not settle for one shot, if you do then you are preforming the art of picture taking, not photography. 

The Edit

When the pictures are taken, you have found the one that best illustrates the scene in a way that you want to show it. Then it is time to edit the photo. Never just be satisfied with what comes straight out of the camera. The camera is the tool and not the one who makes the decisions. If you are not satisfied with what comes from the camera, and even if you are, try to edit it. Romanticize that scene. Make it into a real beauty. Take control of the picture and make it into an enhanced version of what you saw, something that is really beautiful.

Final image: Sunset on Gopshusberget

Final image: Sunset on Gopshusberget

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