#2 Horizon Hut

Finding a location

When you are looking for locations there are a few different tools that you can use in order to give yourself the best possible chance when you take the camera to that location.

This site is one, if not the best tool before to use before you even leave the house in order to get a good start on how to use a location.

2. Your feet
This is actually the single best way to know if you have a good location. You should always, if possible, go to a location before you take your camera with you there. Then you will have a good head start to know how the location looks and what in the location you can use in order to create your scene.

3. Others photos
You can also use search engines like google images or 500px.com. Use them to search for your location and see what others have created at that location. 

The company

Sometimes photography could be considered a solitary businesses. Therefore I recommend you to size the opportunity and take what company you can get. This time I got a duck. She was lovely, even bit my finger. Maybe this is what love at first sight is all about?

Final image: Horizon Hut

Final image: Horizon Hut

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