#3 New lens

The Nikkor 16-35

Learning the new

I have received a new lens, the Nikkor 16-35. From the first test shots I must say that the lens is a substantial upgrade from the all around lens I used earlier (Nikkor 18-200). This is not a review tho, but rather a first impression of receiving a new lens.

This is my first new lens in over a year. So it is a big thing moving over to a new lens. I was so used to my old way of doing a shoot that I at first was thrown aback at the unfamiliarity of using something new. I actually had to tell me-self that the principle is exactly the same so just continue doing what you are used to doing and it will work out fine. 

But the one thing that was messing up my usual flow, and what for that matter was the real big difference is the focus aspect. The additional 2mm of wide angle was not that big a difference, only a step forward and it was about the same angle of view. But the focusing on this lens is completely different from my trusty 18-200. 

To illustrate, the 16-35 goes from 0.28m to 0.5m before the next one is infinity. The 18-200 goes from 0.5m to 3m before the next one is infinity. So when trying to put the lens at the hyper-focal distance I had not thought about that difference. So that did take a bit of trial and error to figure out.


Well, at least the shoot was not stressful as you can see in the image above.

I guess that the most important thing when getting something new is, using it. That is at least what I am going to do, the following days are going to be full of photography and hopefully a few good shots will come out of it.

Todays lesson will therefore be: give yourself time.

You need to give yourself time to work with your gear.

You need to give yourself time to work with your composition.

You need to give yourself time to work with your editing.

If you don't invest time in yourself you cannot expect yourself to improve. You can see the result of todays test shooting below.

Final image: Sunset at Ärtemark

Final image: Sunset at Ärtemark

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