#4 New companion

The Nikon 1 J5

So my new companion is the from Nikons 1 system. The one inch sensor system designed to be a smaller alternative to the bigger DSLR's. I decided to buy this system and camera because I wanted something to be able to shoot while I walk to locations, while my DSLR is set up to take landscapes. In short a camera to use while the bigger one would be cumbersome to use. 

When I go on trips in daylight when photography is not the main priority a DSLR is just to big and heavy to carry around all the time. But this little camera is just about right and the pictures coming out of the J5 are amazing.

I have been really focus on landscape photography lately and a consequence of that is that other types of photography have been left out. But with this little camera the more detailed, close-up shots are once again being taken. It is also a great tool when I am scouting locations for landscape shots. 

The shots below are taken with Nikons J5 camera with the kit-lens (10-30) and I really like the results. The quality of the pictures coming out of something this small and compact is amazing. I am sure that I will mention this camera many more times in this blog, but for now I want to recommend this camera for anyone wanting a smaller camera as a companion for their DSLR. Note that this is in no way a replacement for a DSLR, but an excellent complement to the big beast.

Felix JorgenfeltComment