#5 Period of clouds

So, these past weeks have been quite cloudy to the point where there have not been any good sunsets or sunrises for at least two weeks. Maybe not that long, but when you really want to shot some sunsets or sunrises I promise you that it feels like forever.

Sure there have been days when there was not cloudy at sunset or sunrise but at sunset it have then been completely clear. Meaning no colors and at sunrise it have been an incredibly thick layer of fog every morning.

So yesterday my weather app said that there might be good conditions for a sunset. Therefore I packed my gear and went to a location where I have been before. The weather conditions were not perfect, but the clouds where moving really fast and the water was moving quite a lot. 

Since the wind was so strong I was worried that it might interfere with my camera standing on the tripod. Not that I needed to be, seeing as my setup handled the wind really good. Better then expected. 

But the wind was actually making it hard to find a good composition. I think it was a combination of the wind really making me cold and the water blowing upon my lens (see image above) and me bing worried for my camera.

But the fun thing about me not finding a composition at first is that I actually got a few interesting pictures instead of just one good picture.

So I guess the lesson i learned this evening is that moving around, trying different things is actually important. Even if I did not find the composition it first. I did manage to get a few interesting pictures, including the hero shot of the evening (see the image below.) 

Final image: Blow Away

Final image: Blow Away

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