In 2018 I plan to put more effort into everything that I create. My videos will be better in every single way.  In photography I will continue to peruse the most beautiful scenes and compositions possible. I will be more active on this site as well as my social media outlets.

Looking back.

2017 started with much the same goal and I think that I achieved a lot during the first half of the year. But during the summer and autumn I got consumed in other work and doubt about what I was doing. Which resulted in less content being created. Even though you guys where left out in the dark during this period. It isn't like I haven't done anything. I did my best to think through what I want to do. I questioned everything I was doing. In the end I came to realize that what I wanted wasn't so far off from what I was doing. The thing that was wrong was probably my spirit. The fact that I wasn't giving it my all.

_DSC7169-1 View over Edslan.jpg

Looking forward.

Therefore I plan to give video and photo my all going forward. Put my back into it. So to say. 

In order to achieve help me achieve my goal I have gone back to the basics. Bought a few courses that will help me achieve better storytelling in my videos. Help my prioritize my time better. 

The new content this year will be of a higher quality. It will be more consistent. It will be grander. But it wont be instantaneous. The quality of my content will growth slowly and steadily. Constantly learning new things. Applying them and then see the rewards. Rinse and repeat.


I really want to increase the amount of travel I do. But as with everything it is going to come slowly. The main thing for me about traveling is exploration, the adventure of discovering something new. I want my travels to be that way. Not overly planned. I want to experience the raw input of a new place. Without a to big preconception of how the location is going to be. Therefore I still need more planning in terms of how that can be achieved. Before I embark on such a journey. Come spring with warmer weather it will be much easier. So don't expect any big trips before April.


If you want to see my new videos make sure to follow me on YouTube. In order to help making my content bigger and better I will start taking donations via Patreon. Money coming in through donations will be earmarked to the channel. It will primarily go towards creating multi-episode videos. A series so to say.