#6 The coast of Bohuslän

The road

Me and my girlfriend drove out to the coastal region Bohuslän one weekend, more specific to a small town called Fjällbacka. We had quite the trouble actually getting there seeing as my GPS did not have the new highway programed so we had no clue when to exit the highway so we had to try something. That try meant that we ended up on a really small road to Fjällbacka. Not ideal but we made it there.

We spent most of the day there before getting out to a location we found on the map. It was almost sunset when we arrived but my experience is that the best light is a bit after sunset so I had no worries about that. 

It was a small hike getting there, but we were prepared for that. This coastal region is mostly formed by rounded rock formations going all the way out into the sea. Which is one of the main reasons I like to go here. Something I hope to do more of in the future, it is just so beautiful.

But now that winter is closing in some of the charm is disappearing from the coastal regions. The warmth is all but gone except for those rare days and are replaced by icy wind. Therefore I think further visits will have to wait until spring arrives. With that said I might still go there before that if I get bored.

Felix JorgenfeltComment