#7 Winter is coming

Well, the expression that winter is coming is somewhat annoying in the Game of Thrones series. But in reality winter is actually soon upon us, at least here in Sweden. But it also depends on how one would choose to define winter. Now that we are in December (which is a winter month) one could say that winter is already here. But I tend to disagree to some extent with that analogy seeing as it does not yet differ to any significant part from "late fall". Sure all the color is gone from nature, it is gray and it is dismal. But that is not how I would define winter. Winter is white, it is snow outside, it is cold, the waters are freezing. So I would not say that winter is here yet. But I do hope that winter comes soon. 

I would say that the period between high fall and real winter is one of two horrible periods of the year to be a landscape photographer. The other being early spring, when the snow is turning gray but no other colors has started coming forth. What that actually means is that the only form of color that is going to be available is what comes from the sun at sunset or sunrise. 

The winter months brings out this special kind of light at sunrise, a pinkish glow in the sky that (at least to me) resembles the start of a beautiful day. 


Sunsets are not not given the same characteristics in my experience and more than that it gets to dark to quickly. That is one of the other reasons for my dislike of the late fall period. As soon as snow, or at least frost starts laying itself on the ground it is going to let the light reflect a lot more and keep the darkness at hold for a few more minutes. Giving the sunsets more time to shine, more time to show how beautiful it actually can be.

Winters pretense

Winters pretense

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