#9 Expectations part II

This is a continuation from last weeks blog post.

I determined that I do a lot of planing but most of the planing never actually makes it to the final picture. Meaning that the expectations that I have for a shoot mostly are not achieved, even though I get results that satisfies me. But I still do the planning, I do think that the planing part is important and I think it gives something that will be resembled in the final picture even if the expected situation tuns out to be completely different. 

My example might not be the perfect analogy but I do think that it will at least show some of the importance of planing and having expectations before a shoot.

My location research on The Photographer's Ephemeris.

Before this shoot I checked the weather forecast in the morning, it said that it would be good conditions at sunset, I looked outside before deciding to go to confirm that the weather was in accordance with the forecast (it was). The location that I had picked for this shoot was in a small nature reserve called Ösan. A location I had been to before, and using The Photographer's Ephemeris I found that the sun would set in a opening between the land. Something I thought would be awesome. So of I went to the location only to meet my first obstacle. I had forgot about the storm the weekend before, so there was a lot of fallen trees, but luckily the trees had not made it impossible to reach my location and even better, the storm had not brought destruction to where I was going to shoot. It had everywhere else except at that location.

At said location I met something unexpected, there was quite a few choicese to be made about what was going to be the foreground element. There was this really cool rock that was sticking out, like a mini cliff. When I saw that I really thought that the rock must be a awesome foreground. So I got to work trying to frame it as to take advantage of that rock to lead it into the clearing where the sun was setting. But no matter what I did the rock never really added any more beauty to the picture, it got to be more of a distraction to me. The rock was simply to dominant. Therefore I had to rethink and remind myself what I had planed in the beginning.


What was happening behind me.

What was happening behind me.

So I took a step back, looking around me to see what else there was to be used to enhance the picture. So far I was not really satisfied with the light. But when I looked behind me and saw the skies and color starting to show I knew that if I only had patience I would be rewarded with similar color towards the sun.

So now that I knew there was going to be good color in the sky and I knew that the "cliff rock" was a distraction. I could focus more on what I had initially planed with the background and simply trying to find a good leading point for the foreground to lead into the picture. I secluded most of the "cliff rock" only using a small part of it, and relied more on the rocky ground that had a few lines, so I used that instead, simplifying the picture to what you can see below. 

So what use did I have of my planing and my expectations? The planing I hope was obvious, with out which I would not even have found that location nor knowing what was going to be the main focus of the image. But what I got out of my expectations is resilience. I knew what I was looking for. Without expectations I might have been satisfied with the picture I took looking behind me. Given that the sky is actually better looking in that picture than the final image. But it was not what I was expecting of the shoot, so my expectations gave me resilience to stay a bit longer and wait for a shot that I really wanted. 

Final Image: Attesting beauty

Final Image: Attesting beauty

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