Autumn Update.

As always lots of things are happening but at the same time it seems that I'm stomping ground.

Whats happening

Site updated

First thing I want to say is that the site have been updated yet again. It isn't complete but the main things are done. E.g. the design is done and most of the text is updated. But there are a few more thing to be updated and a few new sections to be added.

Autumn progress

Autumn is here (obviously) and I have filmed quite a few vlog episodes where I photograph the fall color. You can see the vlogs over at my YouTube channel. The fall color this year is progressing along nicely but we have had some harsh winds over the past week which have ripped a lot of the leafs off the trees. I believe that we currently are in the middle of the autumn season. Which will probably be at an end at the end of October. But the last of the color should last into the middle of November if we are lucky. 

New gear

I have acquired a few new pieces of gear. Most noticeably is the replacement for my broken 70-200mm f/2.8. I bought a Nikor 70-200mm f/4 as the replacement. I will talk more about this lens and why I decided upon it in a future post. But the basics of it is that it is lighter, it is sharp and it has a tripod collar.

I also have a new tripod. A new backpack. And lots of other new little bits and bobs. Maybe I should make a "what's in my bag video"?



Stomping ground

Future travels

I still feel bored with photographing the same old landscape. Even if the fall color most definitely helps with making it different I am still dreaming myself away to other places and I am planning for a future trip as I am writing this. I haven't decided upon where I should go yet but I will be posting more about my upcoming trip here when I have more to share.

Same old content

I've been producing content for YouTube for almost two years now. I haven't really updated the kind of content that I produce since I started. I still only produce landscape photography vlogs. I don't want you to get the wrong impression here. I'm not going to stop creating landscape photography vlogs. But the frequency is going to change. I want my vlogs to be more cohesive. I want each video to be a continuation of the story from the past video. To some extent at least. I am therefore planning to make the vlogs part of my travels and each destination or every time I travel is going to be considered a season/series. Just as I did with my Norway road trip videos. Except that there will be more than two videos (I hope). Doing this will free up time for me to create something else. Something new.

The new content

Well. I haven't really decided upon everything yet. I really have to try a few things and see what I like and what works. But one of the things I want to do is to have more of a "talk show". With that I mean a show that I can produce at the office. For days and periods where I don't have anything to share from the field. This show would be a great way to engage more with you the viewer, especially if I make it a live show. Which I would like to do. But that is a project for the future as I don't really have the right space nor equipment for it right now.

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