Fall color is over


This years farewell ceremony of magnificent colors is over and now the worst period of the year comes. With darkness setting in and a grey brownishness spreading out over the landscape inspiration can be hard to find.

I want to make a confession. Even though I love fall color and I think it is incredibly beautiful. I don’t really like photographing it all that much. My problem really is that fall color tend not to make nor break anything within my style of creating images. In order to really focus upon fall color I would have to photograph a different type of photos it seems. In theory fall color should be able to work just fine within my work, but I have yet to find a scene that really makes use of fall color in a way that satisfies me.

Take these images as a example, these are what I would call fall color focused. They are zoomed into the landscape as to focus on the small patches of fall color that exists within a sea of evergreens. Look at them and then look at my portfolio. You can see the difference between them and perhaps understand my predicament.

I am not saying that my kind of scene does not exists. But rather that I haven’t been able to find it even though I have been looking for it and therefore my conclusion is that my type of scene is rare and hard to find. And now the season is over and another year as passed without me finding that scene I have been looking for year after year.

I didn’t find it on my adventure to Tiveden. But I did find something else I can assure you that. That is a story for another time however. All I can say now is that post-production is going well and I hope to have the film ready in the middle of December.

I have no new adventure planned during the winter months. With my current equipment I can’t overnight below 0 degrees Celsius. Thus winter is a no. But that leaves me with ample time to prepare for an adventure during spring or early summer. I will of course update you on that later. For the latest information look at the “Adventure” section of this site and follow me on twitter.

That’s all for this time.
Yours truly,

Felix JorgenfeltComment