Just a small update

I just wanted to do a little update on how things are progressing. The Youtube-channel is up and running, the Vlog-project growing and getting better by every episode. It is quite the learning curve to start editing video even though I am used to editing photos. I do think Adobe lacks continuity in their software. Having knowledge in a few of them does not help when you decide to learn a new piece of software from Adobe. But my editing is improving at a steady pace.

This blog have not been updated as often as I had hoped. The issue for me is that the direction I had hoped to pursue with the blog takes more time than I want to put into the blog. Putting closer to 6 hours on one post is not feasible in my current state. So I have to re develop the blog again. But I thought that I might still do a inspirational series, but it wont be scheduled. I will be working on returning the blog to a weekly schedule.

My studio is gradually being built, new paint is coming to the walls soon. But I still need to decide on what lights to invest in (I am thinking about a Elinchrom kit). For video I have bought some cheaper lights from IKEA which are sufficient for what I have planned. I am hoping that the studio will be functional for portraits within two weeks. 

Even if it seems quiet at the site now I still do quite a lot of work and hope that the seeds of said work will eventually grow to be seen by everyone.

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