Landscape Photography Episode 14

In this episode I am confronted with a lot of rain, but as it clears a bit it the weather shows some amazing light.

The foreground.

So, I was at home. Looking out of the window and I saw some amazing looking clouds. I decided that something had to be done, so I hoped into the car. Only packing light knowing exactly where I wanted to go. Where I thought these clouds would look amazing. On may way to said location it started to rain quite heavy and it continued to rain when I arrived. So I had to wait for some time in the car until it lightened up enough for me to go outside without getting soaked.

When I got to the shore line I immediately found an amazing foreground. It was leading straight towards the furthest point of the lake and where the light was best. Simply amazing to find such a foreground at once. 

Anyway, it was still raining quite a bit so I had to take the camera in and out of the bag so that it did not get to wet. 

After a while it the rain died down a bit and I could set the camera on the tripod. As I did I tried to capture a few panoramas. But they did not really work out as I had hoped.

One of the panoramas.

I think the biggest issue with the panoramas was that the shoreline was turning the wrong way at the right side. So it spoiled the symmetry of the shot. Instead I decided to go with a single shot incorporating the foreground I had found at the start. You can see the final image below. 

Final Image.