Landscape Photography Episode 15

In this episode I go to the very end of Baldersnäs Natural Reserve, it is called World's End (ironically it is no more than 100 meters to the other shoreline.) 

As usual it starts with the journey. This time I took the short way, straight through the Reserve. It is so beautiful to walk through it. Seeing as it is spring now, I encountered some company half way through the Reserve. Some sheep. But the most beautiful thing about spring is definitively the flowers. So I had to take a few shots of them as well. But I was on a journey cannot stay and linger on the wonders of spring for to long. So I walked the last bit and found that it was very windy. More than I had noticed whilst I was sheltered by the trees. 

At first I struggled really hard to find a foreground. The location simply did not have any that I found satisfactory to my style. So I walked a bit further and I found the scene you can see below. Seeing as the wind made the water very choppy I knew I had to use a ND-filter so that I could drag out the exposure, it ended up being around 2-4 minutes depending on how much light was showing through. You can see the difference below.

The sky actually surprised me a bit and turned way more colorful than I thought it would. But I had one other thought I wanted to explore as well. If you look closely at the hills there is actually a town there. I wanted the electric light to be turned on so that I could bring in some more interest into the hillside. So I had to wait an extra 30 min or so for that to happen, but it was definitely worth it. So I blended the images together. Three shots in total, one exposed for the foreground, one exposed for the sky and one exposure for the lights when they was on. You can see the final result below. 

The lights from the town.

Final image

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