Landscape Photography Episode 16

In this episode I jump in the car, drive for 40 min, one direction and arrive at a surprisingly good location.

The lines I thought I would use at first.

When I arrived at the location I first found some nice leading lines in the rock foundation. The lines where leading straight to the horizon and the sunset. But while I was trying to frame the perfect composition I came to the realisation that I would have to put the camera to low and it would be an issue to get everything in focus without focus stacking.

The new leading line. Works a lot better and is more interesting.

So I took another look at what I could use as a foreground. To my left I found another leading line that was a lot stronger and did not require the same extreme focus range. So I set up the tripod and took a test shot, when I saw the picture I knew that I had found the perfect spot for this evening.

Now I just waited until the sun came a bit lower. When it did the sun cast some lovely color on the clouds and it became one of the better sunsets in a long time.

I decided to put on a 4-stop ND-filter to smooth out water which simplified the scene a bit more. You can see the final result below with a comparison between the unedited and the edited versions. This session was quite refreshing actually. Going to a new place without really planing made it more of an adventure to me. I would love to do more of thees kinds of adventures in the future. Next week I am going to Södermanland (closer to Stockholm) to visit some family and friends. The week after that I am going to Norway to visit some family as well. So hopefully I will have some interesting footage to show in the coming weeks.