Landscape photography episode 17

In this episode I get defeated by the sky which only shows a solid flat gray color. 

First and foremost I must plug my trip to Norway 12-16 May. If you would like to see what is hopefully going to be 5 awesome episodes make sure to subscribe at 

The house

I didn't really have to high hopes when I got out this time. The sky was looking bland and it had been looking bland for the whole day. But I had to go out and shoot at this very day so I took it as a challenge and really tried to make some thing of it.

The location I went to had quite a lot of running water, so my first thought was to capture that. So I started to look for a suitable way to photograph it. Going downstream in order to find something I actually found a small house instead. But with the way the sky looked it didn't work out to good. Neither did I find any good locations to photograph the water downstream. 

Flowing water

I decided to go back upstream again so that I could get a better overview of what was there. On my way back I found a way to capture the water pretty good. But the sky was still holding me back. 

Back at the beginning I saw a bridge and the possibility of getting under it. I got a bit excited when I saw this. I love bridges you see, man conquering water, valleys and other dangers. From underneath I was able to capture a few shots that also was held back by the sky, but with quite a lot of post-processing it turned out pretty good. 

From there I could also capture a more traditional picture of bridge. 

The "traditional-ish" view