Landscape Photography Episode 18

In this episode I find an amazing foreground immediately and with the light fading quickly I work fast and manage to capture an amazing image.

I am not exactly sure why. But often I tell my self to get out in good time. But even though I was at the location one hour before sunset I was still rushed in order to capture the right light in time. The biggest point to take away is that light is unpredictable. You cannot trust it to behave the way you want it to behave.

Anyway! I got to the location in time and I managed to capture the light while it peaked. 

The foreground

When I arrived at the location I could immediately see the perfect foreground. After trying a few different compositions I decided that it was best to capture it from a higher angle. The higher angle ensured that I could get the most out of the foregrounds lines that where leading into the sunset. 

The water was not moving to much but I decided to put on a 4-stop ND-filter so that I could remove more movement from the water. It worked splendidly in the foreground creating a really good reflection from the sky, which looked amazing at this point. 

So I just had to wait for a few more minutes before the light came to its peak. 

This session actually lasted a lot shorter than what I am used to. As a reference I usually take about 100 pictures in one sunset (depending on the style) but this time I only took 60 pictures.

In post I did not have to do much to the sky, it was already looking amazing. But I had to do quite some work with the foreground in order to bring back some contrast into it. The foreground can often turn flat while doing exposure blending. By dodging and burning the foreground I could chisel out some more contrast and depth in the foreground. Something that I think adds quite a lot to the image.

The final image