Landscape Photography Episode 19

In this weeks episode I make a decision to go out and photograph quite late, not much planning. But I manage to find something interesting but the color vanishes just as I am to take the picture.

How the sky looked when I arrived.

It is not always easy to decide upon when to go and take photos. Sometimes the weather forecast says it is going to be flat grey skies but when it gets closer to sunset you notice that the clouds in fact are looking amazing. This day was such a day. I had not actually planed to go out. But seeing how the sky looked I just had to out. 

My first decision was whether to go south or north. In the south it looked more open, less cloudy. In the north there were more clouds. I decided to go north, as the clouds was what I wanted.

So I started to drive north, not really knowing were I would end up. I drove past a few lakes but they all lacked anything good in the foreground (the all important anchor-point). Then I saw this little island in this one lake and thought it looked interesting. My decision where made. I parked the car and quickly walked to a favorable position to photograph this island with the amazing clouds.

Longer shutter-speed.

I managed to take exactly 5 pictures before the color vanished from the clouds, never to return again. My thought before the color vanished was that this scene would look cool with a longer shutter-speed so I screwed on a 10-stop ND-filter, pushing the shutter-speed to 15 seconds. 

The longer shutter-speed gave the picture smoother water and it showed the movement of the clouds. They where moving really fast.

Now that the color was gone I had to work with the cloud positions. I decided were I wanted the brighter parts and I wanted lots of contrast in the clouds. With these criteria I managed to capture the image below. It is my favorite from this session. I would not classify it as a portfolio picture though.

Final picture.