Landscape Photography Episode 20

In this episode I fight against the clouds which makes me fight against the foreground, meaning lots of work.

I left home with an idea. I would explore the fact that it had not rained for quite some time. No rain means lower water levels and I know this one place that is only possible to get to when the water is low. So I drove to said location. What was the first thing I noticed when I arrived? The water was not as low as I had hoped of course!

Because of that I had to hurry back to the car and try to find something else really fast. Luckily I saw a place after just 100 meters. I went out there and saw immediately that the location had possibilities. 

Breaking the leading lines.

When I took out the camera and started looking for a good foreground I noticed that the lines in the rock foundation was leading the wrong way. The action was a bit further west than were the lines were pointing. So I put my mind to it and started looking for a way to break the lines so that they would lead more in the direction that I wanted. I actually managed to figure out a good way to break the lines and frame a good composition.

Before the light hit the clouds in the right way the clouds had moved to far to the west however. So I had to change the composition again. The second composition was actually a bit simpler, more traditional for what I usually capture. But the same thing actually happened there. The clouds were moving to fast. I managed to get one good picture though, as you can see below.

The second composition and my favorite of the evening.