Landscape Photography Episode 21

In this episode I go to photograph a canon with my Nikon. The light is good and it surprises me at the end.

Summer meadow.

Now that summer is here there are a few bad things that is coming with it. For me that is:

  1. Insects, I really hate insects!
  2. The heat, I do not function to well when it gets to hot.

I filmed this episode in the evening of the hottest day so far this year. 30 degrees Celsius in the shade and it was almost swarming with insects. Luckely the insect stick that I had fixed most of the insect issue.

The boat house.

Moving on! When I arrived at the place I was going to shot it was bathed in golden light and it would last for at least 15 more minutes. So I quickly took out my Nikon D600 and grabbed a quick shot of a boat house with some trees. The light was superb. I really liked what I got from that shot. 

A canon shot with a Nikon.

As soon as I got a satisfactory picture from the boat house I changed my focus to the task at hand. How to capture the sunset. I decided to go to this place knowing that it was a old canon there. I started looking for a way to incorporate it into the shot. The issue was that the canon was pointing in the wrong direction. The sun was setting in the west and the canon was pointing north. I made my choice of composition, breaking many "rules" of composition in doing so. But I think it worked out quite well.

I had hoped that later in the evening more color would appear in the sky. But I was initially disappointed when the sun simply disappear. I thought that I might as well go home because nothing more was going to happen. However I have been wrong before, so I waited for a bit longer.

The clouds after sunset.

Just as I was about to pack up and head home I saw it. The color came creeping in over the clouds. Little by little and soon I realized that I had to completely change my composition in order to give the clouds justice. Said and done. After I captured that picture the color soon started to vanish and I could pack up and go home extremely satisfied.