Landscape Photography Episode 22

In this episode I to there and then back again:

It is almost impossible to know how the sky is going to look at sunset. I set out with quite high hopes but when I kinda got to where I thought that I would stay to photograph the sunset the clouds kept moving away from me. The light was really nice though. So I took a few pictures at the field where I first planned to shoot. 

But I knew that it would not work for sunset so I packed up again and had to make a decision on were to go. East or west. The east was were I came from, it had some good cloud formations dwelling on the horizon. The west also had some nice clouds but I could not really see beyond the trees so I thought that there might actually be to much clouds there. 

When I arrived

I made the decision to go east, backtracking to a place called Ösan. When I got to Ösan I had to hurry a bit to the location because the sun was setting quite soon. Arriving at the location the clouds were really pretty. I managed to set up the camera take a few test shots. Knowing that I had to use a long exposure I screwed that on quickly and managed to take two long exposures as well before the color had vanished from the clouds.

My last picture of the evening

When the color was gone I hoped for a second wave to come after the sun had set. But unfortunately it did not come. It just became bluer and bluer. Not what I was hoping. Even though the second wave never came I was still satisfied knowing I had gotten at least one and maybe two good pictures this evening. One good picture is good, more than that is really good.

Final picture