Landscape Photography Episode 23

In this episode of landscape photography I go out into the rain clouds searching for that special moody light.

Going out when it rains is a bit of a gamble. You never really know how the clouds are going to look. They might be changing faster than you can change position. But if you can manage to get that special rain cloud light it is totally worth it.

I went out with quite high hopes even if the expectations were not as high. When I started driving I quite quickly noticed that the clouds were moving faster than me. So I knew that I had to move fast as well if I wanted to capture any good pictures. But I arrived at my first location a bit to late. The clouds had already past the vantage point were I thought they would look good. But I managed to salvage a picture from that place anyway.

I jumped back into the car and drove on to a place I thought would look good with this kind of light. The clouds were not really looking as good there as they were on location number one. But I had to try something so I put on a ND-filter and made a black and white conversion and it looked ok. But it was not what I was looking for. So I jumped back into the car and drove on.

On my way to location number three I saw a nice picture of the road going into the forest. I had to stop and capture it. 

Arriving at location number three it was raining, heavily. But there was some color in the sky so I had to capture a picture. I had to hurry a bit as I did not have any rain protection for my camera. So I went out, aligned everything, captured the picture and ran back to the car. The picture had a nice color contrast in the sky that I really liked.

After the third location the sun had already set so it started to get really dark. But I thought that with the water now laying on the road the city would look very good with all the artificial light there. So I drove there and was presently surprised that the clouds had came back to life again. I managed to get a few shots during blue hour before the sky turned to deep blue. The contrasty blue clouds really looks nice when combined with artificial light.