Looking back at January 2018

One month has gone by already. Time flies. I want to look back and see what I have actually done this month. Was it any good or complete rubbish?
Every January starts the same basically. Lots of motivation and lots of ideas for the new year. All the things that I want to do. Then I start putting my plans into work and I quickly realize that each idea is taking a lot longer time than I had anticipated. 

My main goal for January

The main goal I set up for this year and the one that I've been working the most on this month is my storytelling through my videos. I think I have made great strides forward in this aspect. Cutting away the clutter and focusing upon moving the story forward. It has resulted in my videos getting shorter. But also the watch retention has increased dramatically on YouTube. I have to be honest though. The videos that I am creating now are not really what I want to be creating in the future. I want more grand adventures. Spending multiple days or even weeks out in the field. But the videos that I create now helps me refine my skill. It helps me to know what I need to film in order to create a cohesive story. It helps me refine my editing skill so that I will be able to create videos faster in the future. Thus creating less then ideal content now will help me in the future.

Looking forward, whats my goal for February

As I said I am looking to increase the length of my adventures and increase the grandeur of the locations. This is going to be my main focus moving into February. I can't share to much at this moment seeing as it is all in a very early planning state. But certain decisions have been made.

  • First decision is that I am going to buy a new car. The car is going to be a 4x4 with reasonable trunk space. I'm going to make it adventure ready with a bed in the back. The plan is that I don't have to stop at hotels during my travels as to save money and being out in nature as much as possible.
  • Second decision is the location. I'm going on an adventure through southern Norway. I plan to drive from Oslo over Jotunheimen to the western side of Norway. I'm going to explore the fjords and the high mountains surrounding them. With my main goal being Hardangerfjorden.

I hope to start this adventure in May. Before the main bulk of the truism comes but after the cold has gone away.


The first adventure of 2018

After I crashed my drone I decided to redeme myself by creating a image that I would really enjoy.


Revisiting what I had scouted

When I come to the location I am blasted by the wind. I do my best to work in those conditions.


3 Questions from January:

Q: Can I make a video where I do night photography?
A: Yes. I can try. The hard part of filming anything during night is that there isn't any light. So it is really hard to explain what I'm doing and showing it to you. But I have a few ideas on how it can be done so I'm going to try my best and we'll see how it turns out.

Q: How is the winter where I live? Lots of snow, lakes frozen over or is it warm?
A: During the time I've lived in Dalsland the winters have been quite tame to be honest. Proper winter with lots of snow and temperatures below -10 Celsius. That condition is limited to a few weeks. But it does happen. Most of the winter is kinda come and go. Snow one week and then it melts the next week. But I kinda like it actually. It means that nature is open and easy to walk in and I always get excited when the snow comes. The snow isn't laying around long enough for me to be bothered by it.

Q: Can I take pictures like yours with cheap gear?
A: Yes you can. The only essential thing for me would be to have a wide-angle lens and a 10-stop ND-filter. A camera that can do auto exposure brackets would be preferable. Oh! And a tripod of course. Other than that It's mostly about learning how to use the gear and gaining the vision for what you want to capture.