Photographing Landscape Ep. #11

Episode 11 is now live:

In this episode I make a last minute call of which location to go to. But it worked out quite well actually. 

At first I tried to zoom in a bit because what I wanted from the scene was the sky formation and just a little bit of rocks in the foreground.

at 28mm.

But the clouds was stretching much longer than what I got from shooting the scene at 28mm so I tried changing around with different focal lengths to get what would work best as a panorama without making post-processing to much of a hassle. What I found was that 16mm worked best (no surprise really, I love ultra wide). Then I only needed two shots for the panorama, after that I cropped out some of the foreground.

How it looked with only one side of the sky.

With the other shot I finally got the look I was looking for. You can see the arc along the whole sky in the final image bellow. I wanted that "sky arc" in the image, because of that the final image is not really what I usually aim for. But I think it worked out quite well.

Final shot

Felix JorgenfeltComment