Photographing Landscape Ep. #12

Episode 12 is now live:

In this weeks episode I go to a new location where I haven't photographed before and I walk away with a nice long exposure. When I first arrived at the location I saw that there where several different possibilities in choice of composition. More than what could be captured in one evening at least.

My first thought of what to use.

One of my first thoughts was to use two of the rock formations going out into the water as borders and leading elements. But after messing about trying to find a good way to incorporate it I came to the decision that it was not working out for me.

After making that decision I walked a bit further along the lake and came to discover a much stronger compositional element that would complement my vision of the scene much better. Also I made the decision to make it a really long exposure with help from my trusty 10-stop filter. Mainly because I needed to take away some of the ruggedness from the water. You can see the difference below and below the comparison you can see the final edited image.

Final image.