Photographing Landscape Episode 13

In this episode I go to Tresticklan National Park in Ed, Dalsland, Sweden. 

This episode is a bit different than how the other have been in that there is much more of a journey in this episode and also a lot more nature to film. But I think that it gives more to the video than it detracts even though the photography part came quite late and ended quickly. But that was my fault seeing as I miss calculated the time it would take to make the hike and also the amount of good places to photograph.   


But I managed to get myself to the top, the highest point in the region, only to be seriously disappointed. I had read that it was supposed to be great views at said point. But, NAY! There weren't any views just an abundance of trees. 

So I had to backtrack to one of the earlier locations I had seen. When I got there I managed to capture a huge panorama before the little light that was left had vanished. I learned that the most beautiful places in Tresticklan is around the lakes and I will come back and make better use of my time that time.

Final image