What's up


Wow, I haven't posted anything here for quite a while.. I've been meaning to but I guess I just didn't really know what I would post. I mean the things I've posted earlier have been completely moved over to the YouTube channel and the channel is growing steadily. The channel have reached its first 100 subscribers last month and gained 40+ more this month, which is great!

But all my focus has really been on YouTube lately which has led to neglect on my blog, blogging is certainly also fun and I just need to figure out what I want to write. It really isn't always that easy. But I think there are a few things that are better said on "paper" rather than in a video. If nothing else I really want to write more, it is quite relaxing and gives me more time to think things through.

For now I want to leave you with a little update on what I've been doing for the last couple of months.

After I posted the last post I kinda went on vacation. I felt burned out and I needed some rest, so I took the summer of and basically did nothing. I'm not proud of it. But what is done is done. In August I got back into business and started making pictures again. You can see a small selection below.

Now we kinda transition over into autumn and the lovely fall colors. During fall I tried to photograph as much as possible but I would have liked to capture even more of it. What I really think I missed out on this year were the grander scenes. I managed to get a lot of detail shots but not that many grander views. Again see the images below.

So that leaves us right about now. I have to say that I am both pleased with the pictures I've taken since my vacation but I am also a little disappointed. I think that I've gotten caught in constant production and kinda lost track of the why, why I love creating images. It's been more taking than making during this time.

I was starting to feel that same kind of overload that I did before summer, the constant nagging question of why. So what I did was to sit down and write down the reason why, stake it out for myself as to remind myself why I actually want to do this. I am not going to write my reasons here, right now. I want to do it properly later. I'm planning to make a whole section about my philosophy of photography here a bit later on. But in order to tease you a little bit I can say that I thrive in reality and reason and fall in emotional what if's. 

For now I just want to say that I'm keeping my shit together and that I have grand plans for the future, I'm just not sure when the future might be here.