Why I'm inactive during summer

Over the past couple of months I have been very inactive at my social outlets. It is kind of becoming a trend, being away for some time each summer. But it is not because I want to enjoy summer without working as is the norm here in Sweden.

At Blefjell

Actually I am not really enjoying summer. For the very same reason most love summer I dislike it. It is to hot. The days are to long. And nature is to green. 

My body and mind really slows down when it gets warmer. Everything kind of becomes a chore, the will to be doing anything disappears. That effect really comes into play when the sun is out and it is above 20°c. Which isn't every day but it happens often enough for it to be a problem for me during summer. 

Misty morning

The issue with the days being to long is that when it is time for sunset or sunrise I am guaranteed to be tired. If I don't have a alarm clock set I usually wake up at between 7-8 in the morning and I if I don't push it I get sleepy at 22-23 in the evening. So sunrise is really going to be a pain seeing as the sunrise is happening at 03-04 in the morning. And sunset is happening just as I want to jump into bed. The obvious solution would be to sleep during the day. But that is easier said than done. I have never been able to sleep during the day and I do not think that I is going to be easier as I get older. 

Perfect reflection (almost)

My complaint about summer being to green is really just about the color tonality that occurs naturally. When most everything is one color I think that a scene easily can turn flat. As with light, color needs differences in order to create interest. 

All this being said I hope that all of you have had a great summer. I am going to return with more content in the beginning of August. First in line is a trip that I took to Norway in the beginning of the summer. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get noticed when the video is released.