Wild Camping and Night Photography


The climate has finally reached that which is commonly called spring. A period of warmth, joy and life! With that in mind I decided that it was time to start testing and getting used to some of my new equipment that I’ve attained during the cold, dark, winter. More specifically tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. Everything can be watched in this video:

Staying out during the night gave me a unique opportunity to be out in a location without streetlights at the correct time for night photography. Something that I don’t do often, not often at all. It was a fun experience even though it was challenging, especially considering the relatively harsh wind. Since I was concerned about the camera blowing over I didn’t want to leave it by itself. Meaning that I had to stand by the camera for a long time whilst I worked on re-finding my composition and working out how I wanted to capture the starry sky (see more in the video). But the final result was absolutely worth the struggle and leaves me pondering whether night photography is something I should pursue more.

Night Sky in Dalsland