Work, lots of it!

Trying to start a business is not something that is undertaken easily. Even though I am only in a startup phase I can already feel the work load ramping up considerably. I am tempted to use the word "BUSY", a word Chase Jarvis recently tore to pieces in a excellent blog/video. Listening to what he had to say made me think about how I could try to take control over my recent increase in workload. He said to make priorities in those things being on the to do list. This is something that I really took to heart and I am going to start incorporate into my daily work schedule. I thought it best to make a list of what is most important and thought it might be helpful to someone else if I shared how I constructed my priority list. The list follows:

  1. Survive!
    It might sound extremely dramatic, but in essence it means to bring in enough money for rent and food.
  2. Make surviving easier!
    Not as dramatic as the first one. The essence of this point is to expand the business to a point where I will not have to worry about money in a everyday sense.
  3. Pursuit of happiness!
    This is what it is all about. What is the point in doing something if it does not make you happy? Except striving for survival.

All of my points are extracted by existential needs. I need food to live, seeing as I am not a farmer I have to provide a service or product to someone else to get the money I need to buy my food and get a roof over my head. Thus making survival top on my list and putting my happiness in a strong third place. The reason for pursuing happiness is kind of self explanatory, but let me just say why I priorities it. I do not want to live a miserable life, I want to be happy. It is that simply really. 

What does the priority list means? Well to put it shortly, it means: Clients, Clients and have fun!

Looking at your life, make a rational decision about what is important, do that! 

Looking at your life, make a rational decision about what is important, do that! 

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