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Looking back at January 2018

One month has gone by already. Time flies. I want to look back and see what I have actually done this month. Was it any good or complete rubbish?
Every January starts the same basically. Lots of motivation and lots of ideas for the new year. All the things that I want to do. Then I start putting my plans into work and I quickly realize that each idea is taking a lot longer time than I had anticipated. 

My main goal for January

The main goal I set up for this year and the one that I've been working the most on this month is my storytelling through my videos. I think I have made great strides forward in this aspect. Cutting away the clutter and focusing upon moving the story forward. It has resulted in my videos getting shorter. But also the watch retention has increased dramatically on YouTube. I have to be honest though. The videos that I am creating now are not really what I want to be creating in the future. I want more grand adventures. Spending multiple days or even weeks out in the field. But the videos that I create now helps me refine my skill. It helps me to know what I need to film in order to create a cohesive story. It helps me refine my editing skill so that I will be able to create videos faster in the future. Thus creating less then ideal content now will help me in the future.

Looking forward, whats my goal for February

As I said I am looking to increase the length of my adventures and increase the grandeur of the locations. This is going to be my main focus moving into February. I can't share to much at this moment seeing as it is all in a very early planning state. But certain decisions have been made.

  • First decision is that I am going to buy a new car. The car is going to be a 4x4 with reasonable trunk space. I'm going to make it adventure ready with a bed in the back. The plan is that I don't have to stop at hotels during my travels as to save money and being out in nature as much as possible.
  • Second decision is the location. I'm going on an adventure through southern Norway. I plan to drive from Oslo over Jotunheimen to the western side of Norway. I'm going to explore the fjords and the high mountains surrounding them. With my main goal being Hardangerfjorden.

I hope to start this adventure in May. Before the main bulk of the truism comes but after the cold has gone away.


The first adventure of 2018

After I crashed my drone I decided to redeme myself by creating a image that I would really enjoy.


Revisiting what I had scouted

When I come to the location I am blasted by the wind. I do my best to work in those conditions.


3 Questions from January:

Q: Can I make a video where I do night photography?
A: Yes. I can try. The hard part of filming anything during night is that there isn't any light. So it is really hard to explain what I'm doing and showing it to you. But I have a few ideas on how it can be done so I'm going to try my best and we'll see how it turns out.

Q: How is the winter where I live? Lots of snow, lakes frozen over or is it warm?
A: During the time I've lived in Dalsland the winters have been quite tame to be honest. Proper winter with lots of snow and temperatures below -10 Celsius. That condition is limited to a few weeks. But it does happen. Most of the winter is kinda come and go. Snow one week and then it melts the next week. But I kinda like it actually. It means that nature is open and easy to walk in and I always get excited when the snow comes. The snow isn't laying around long enough for me to be bothered by it.

Q: Can I take pictures like yours with cheap gear?
A: Yes you can. The only essential thing for me would be to have a wide-angle lens and a 10-stop ND-filter. A camera that can do auto exposure brackets would be preferable. Oh! And a tripod of course. Other than that It's mostly about learning how to use the gear and gaining the vision for what you want to capture.

In 2018 I plan to put more effort into everything that I create. My videos will be better in every single way.  In photography I will continue to peruse the most beautiful scenes and compositions possible. I will be more active on this site as well as my social media outlets.

Looking back.

2017 started with much the same goal and I think that I achieved a lot during the first half of the year. But during the summer and autumn I got consumed in other work and doubt about what I was doing. Which resulted in less content being created. Even though you guys where left out in the dark during this period. It isn't like I haven't done anything. I did my best to think through what I want to do. I questioned everything I was doing. In the end I came to realize that what I wanted wasn't so far off from what I was doing. The thing that was wrong was probably my spirit. The fact that I wasn't giving it my all.

_DSC7169-1 View over Edslan.jpg

Looking forward.

Therefore I plan to give video and photo my all going forward. Put my back into it. So to say. 

In order to achieve help me achieve my goal I have gone back to the basics. Bought a few courses that will help me achieve better storytelling in my videos. Help my prioritize my time better. 

The new content this year will be of a higher quality. It will be more consistent. It will be grander. But it wont be instantaneous. The quality of my content will growth slowly and steadily. Constantly learning new things. Applying them and then see the rewards. Rinse and repeat.


I really want to increase the amount of travel I do. But as with everything it is going to come slowly. The main thing for me about traveling is exploration, the adventure of discovering something new. I want my travels to be that way. Not overly planned. I want to experience the raw input of a new place. Without a to big preconception of how the location is going to be. Therefore I still need more planning in terms of how that can be achieved. Before I embark on such a journey. Come spring with warmer weather it will be much easier. So don't expect any big trips before April.


If you want to see my new videos make sure to follow me on YouTube. In order to help making my content bigger and better I will start taking donations via Patreon. Money coming in through donations will be earmarked to the channel. It will primarily go towards creating multi-episode videos. A series so to say. 

Why I'm inactive during summer

Over the past couple of months I have been very inactive at my social outlets. It is kind of becoming a trend, being away for some time each summer. But it is not because I want to enjoy summer without working as is the norm here in Sweden.

At Blefjell

Actually I am not really enjoying summer. For the very same reason most love summer I dislike it. It is to hot. The days are to long. And nature is to green. 

My body and mind really slows down when it gets warmer. Everything kind of becomes a chore, the will to be doing anything disappears. That effect really comes into play when the sun is out and it is above 20°c. Which isn't every day but it happens often enough for it to be a problem for me during summer. 

Misty morning

The issue with the days being to long is that when it is time for sunset or sunrise I am guaranteed to be tired. If I don't have a alarm clock set I usually wake up at between 7-8 in the morning and I if I don't push it I get sleepy at 22-23 in the evening. So sunrise is really going to be a pain seeing as the sunrise is happening at 03-04 in the morning. And sunset is happening just as I want to jump into bed. The obvious solution would be to sleep during the day. But that is easier said than done. I have never been able to sleep during the day and I do not think that I is going to be easier as I get older. 

Perfect reflection (almost)

My complaint about summer being to green is really just about the color tonality that occurs naturally. When most everything is one color I think that a scene easily can turn flat. As with light, color needs differences in order to create interest. 

All this being said I hope that all of you have had a great summer. I am going to return with more content in the beginning of August. First in line is a trip that I took to Norway in the beginning of the summer. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get noticed when the video is released.

New content, right here

I have updated a lot of the information that I have on this site for 2017. New information can be found under the following tabs:

  • Home
    • I tried to put more emphasis on information that might be key for new visitors.
  • Gallery
    • I have split my gallery into two different categories: Art and Documentary.
  • About
    • There is a lot of new information about me, my artistic vision and my area of operation.

During the spring I am also going to launch a print store where I plan to sell my Art-work.
As times go on I really want to be more active here and plan to keep you updates as new ideas start to form.

The future can only get better.


What's up


Wow, I haven't posted anything here for quite a while.. I've been meaning to but I guess I just didn't really know what I would post. I mean the things I've posted earlier have been completely moved over to the YouTube channel and the channel is growing steadily. The channel have reached its first 100 subscribers last month and gained 40+ more this month, which is great!

But all my focus has really been on YouTube lately which has led to neglect on my blog, blogging is certainly also fun and I just need to figure out what I want to write. It really isn't always that easy. But I think there are a few things that are better said on "paper" rather than in a video. If nothing else I really want to write more, it is quite relaxing and gives me more time to think things through.

For now I want to leave you with a little update on what I've been doing for the last couple of months.

After I posted the last post I kinda went on vacation. I felt burned out and I needed some rest, so I took the summer of and basically did nothing. I'm not proud of it. But what is done is done. In August I got back into business and started making pictures again. You can see a small selection below.

Now we kinda transition over into autumn and the lovely fall colors. During fall I tried to photograph as much as possible but I would have liked to capture even more of it. What I really think I missed out on this year were the grander scenes. I managed to get a lot of detail shots but not that many grander views. Again see the images below.

So that leaves us right about now. I have to say that I am both pleased with the pictures I've taken since my vacation but I am also a little disappointed. I think that I've gotten caught in constant production and kinda lost track of the why, why I love creating images. It's been more taking than making during this time.

I was starting to feel that same kind of overload that I did before summer, the constant nagging question of why. So what I did was to sit down and write down the reason why, stake it out for myself as to remind myself why I actually want to do this. I am not going to write my reasons here, right now. I want to do it properly later. I'm planning to make a whole section about my philosophy of photography here a bit later on. But in order to tease you a little bit I can say that I thrive in reality and reason and fall in emotional what if's. 

For now I just want to say that I'm keeping my shit together and that I have grand plans for the future, I'm just not sure when the future might be here.